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Optics-World offers agency-direct sales to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. We can answer any questions that you have, provide a direct quote for products as well as offer payment terms for orders placed via Purchase Order.  We understand in many cases that there are budget or delivery deadlines for acquisitions. Please enter “Agency Purchase” in your subject line so that we can be certain to provide you with a prompt response.




The JFCBS 15-10 tax-free scheme allows entitled personnel (entitled to "downtown” shopping. Annex B "Entitlement to JFCBS tax- free facilities”) to purchase, free of value-added tax (VAT/BTW), an extensive range of goods from traders within the EU community equivalent to items which can be bought in military shopping centres or canteens.

Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman Line


Scopes of the Schmidt & Bender PM line have been developed
in close cooperation with special forces and police experts. Due
to their proverbial reliability they are in the top ranks all over
the world. They are successfully being used in many countries
of the world for many years. In environments from desert sand
to tropical humidity to arctic cold the models of the PM and
PM II Iines prove their operability under most extreme conditions.

Mounted on an precision or sharpshooter rifl e for short to middle
distances or on a .50 BMG for aquiring tactical targets at extremely
far distances, Schmidt & Bender‘s PM line offers a suitable
scope for every purpose.

To ensure long term functionality and reliability under all
environmental conditions almost all mechanical parts are
machined of metallic materials. The scope‘s main tubes are
made of one single piece of high grade aluminum. They have
a very strong, scratch resistent hard-anodized surface.


For increased safety of the shooter all PM scopes provide an
eye relief distance of 90 millimeters (equals 3.5 inches). This
is of high advantage especially in stress situations and for quick
target acquisition.

The ocular housings are equipped with a rubber ring that protects
the eye and increases the non-skid property of the ocular. The
outside diameter of this ring allows adapting accessories such
as protectice covers and polarization fi lters.


5-25x56 PM II/LP


FLIR Armasight Thermal Vision

The Zeus Pro family of Thermal Weapon Sights showcases the best and latest advancements developed by Armasight in the field of uncooled thermal imaging technology for the dismounted soldier, special law enforcement team member, and professional hunter. The Zeus Pro epitomizes Armasight’s 20/50 design gold standard, which is defined from product inception as being capable of withstanding 20 meters immersion for 2 hours and engineered for routine use with 0.50 BMG weapon shock and recoil. Based around common core electronics, signal processing, and eyepiece optics with generous eye-relief, the Zeus Pro Series Thermal Weapon Sight is available in a variety of options and price points that cater to every application – military and commercial.


FLIR Armasight Nightvision

Digital Night Vision — night vision is the ability to see in the low light conditions. While biological night vision has to do with how molecules of extremely light sensitive chemical — rhodopsin — are changing shapes in the eyes of vertebrates, we on the other hand mainly focus on night vision technologies: Image Intensification, Active Illumination and Thermal Imaging.

Leupold Mark 4 Spotting scope

Leupold Mark 4 Spotting scope

Compact, light, and tough as a tank, the Mark 4 Tactical spotting scope enhances brightness well beyond the naked eye’s abilities, for positive target identification in abysmal conditions. Built to survive shock, blows, drops, and impacts, it’s tough and 100% waterproof and fog proof. Countless military snipers have trusted it; you can count on it, too.

Leupold Mark 4 / 6 / 8 Rifle scopes

Leupold Mark 4 / 6 / 8 Rifle scopes

Make a statement without saying a word. The Mark 8’s wide 8X zoom range offers an incredible field of view at lower magnifications, and excellent long-range target discrimination at higher powers. The adjustable eyepiece yields a forgiving eyebox throughout the entire zoom range while the 1/10 Mil adjustments make precise corrections easy.




Our business is to provide a global customer base with state-of-the-art, high quality optical products and systems for defense, law enforcement, homeland security, and recreational purposes.

Core Values

We conduct business with the highest standards of ethics; developing a mutual trust with each other, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do.

Continuous Improvement:We are committed to improving everything we do. The relentless pursuit of excellence drives our daily activities. We operate in an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and a bias-for-action. We constantly challenge the status quo and meet our commitments. We develop and achieve demanding goals that are both short and long term.Quality:Our goal is to be the recognized leader in our marketplace; well-known for innovation, quality, responsiveness and value. We continuously strive to be the standard by which performance is measured. We execute with facts, urgency, and decisiveness.



Laser Devices

Our aiming lasers, laser-based training systems and tactical lights are currently serving U.S. and international allies' Military, Law Enforcement and Special Forces personnel who demand tough, virtually indestructible products. From our homeland borders to the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq, our products deliver the reliability that literally spells the difference between life and death.


Laser Devices is a full-service company. We engineer and manufacture sophisticated electro-optical devices from concept design through completion using the latest technology and custom made parts. In addition, we design and manufacture OEM modulated laser transmitters for companies throughout the world.

Laser Devices is an approved Government Contractor for multiple agencies within the U.S. DoD and also serves the FMS market. In addition, we are the sole source of the AN/PEQ-15A, part of the Multi-Functional Aiming Light Contract awarded by the U.S. Army.



Laser Devices Training Movie

See here a video of some Laser Devices products.


The DBAL-I2 is the cutting-edge replacement for the AN/PEQ-2A combining an infrared laser pointer and an adjustable infrared illuminator in a lightweight, rugged metal housing.


  • Provides the same functionality as the AN/PEQ-2A
  • Is smaller and lighter than the AN/PEQ-2A
  • Is significantly shorter than the AN/PEQ-2A and leaves more rail space for other accessories
  • Mirrors the AN/PEQ-2A activation switch options

Elcan Optics

Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies is the mission leader with a complete range of battle-tested, premium quality sighting systems including thermal imaging (IR), digital and multi-role optical rifle sights. Raytheon ELCAN has been making advanced sighting systems since 1986 and is committed to ongoing product development to meet specific customer needs and changing operational requirements. Raytheon ELCAN is also able to design and manufacture custom rifle sights and “next-generation” fire control systems for our military and commercial customers.


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The ACOG’s are internally-adjustable, compact telescopic sights with tritium illuminated
reticle patterns for use in low light or at night. The ACOG’s combine traditional, precise
distance marksmanship with close-in aiming speed. Every feature of its design was
chosen for a single purpose: to provide increased hit potential in all lighting conditions.


About Trijicon:


Guided by our values, we endeavor to have our products used wherever precision aiming solutions are required to protect individual freedom.

Guided by our values, we will continue to be a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, innovative sighting systems for use by Law Enforcement, Military and Individual customers.

We will be honest, dependable, trustworthy and fair towards each other, our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

We will work together as employees, customers and suppliers, valuing the unique contributions of each, to produce optimal aiming solutions.

We desire long-term relationships with our customers. We will listen and continually improve our products to meet their needs.

We will strive to attain a zero-defect rate in all our processes. Our products will be made to maximize durability and service life. We will continue to lead our industry by encouraging creative solutions.

We believe that America is great when its people are good. This goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we will strive to follow those morals.


HD Night Sights  ACOG  ACOG





The Aimpoint Philosophy

When the time comes to shoot, there should be absolutely no question that you can count on your sight to perform.

We believe that a weapon sight should simplify aiming while meeting the highest possible requirements for reliability and ruggedness.

We know that conditions in the field place extreme demands on your equipment, so we design and
test Aimpoint products to stand up to any conditions you are likely to encounter.

We also design our products to operate constantly for years on a single battery so your sight will always be ready whenever you need it.




You cannot buy a higher quality riflescope.
That’s a strong claim, without a doubt. But, it’s a claim we can prove. And our customers do prove it… every day, under some of the harshest, most unforgiving conditions on earth.We didn’t start building scopes and expect people to find uses for them. Instead, we looked at real-world needs. Needs that were not being met by other optics. And created, from the ground up, the ultimate precision instrument for the intended application.You can tell the difference the moment you pick one up. And if you could look inside a Nightforce scope, the differences would be even more obvious.


Fortunately, just looking through one will tell you just about everything you need to know.

Our riflescopes are subjected to abuse during product development that would quickly destroy lesser optics. Pre-production riflescopes are tested in a pressure tank simulating 100 feet of water for 24 hours, ensuring absolute waterproof integrity. We test thermal stability by freezing them to -80ºF, then heating them to 200ºF within a one-hour period. Function is checked at both temperature extremes. Recoil and impact testing for positive and negative forces is conducted at 1,250 Gs.

Before it is shipped to a customer, every riflescope is completely inspected and checked at 70 to 130 different points, depending on the model. We perform a battery of tests, including forward impact, side impact, tracking accuracy and resolution integrity. These are but a few of the steps we take to ensure absolute quality before any riflescope leaves our facility.