TBX 8 is an advanced version
of the model TBA 4.
This binocular is equipped with a
laser rangefinder with a
wavelength of 1550nm, therefore
than conventional meters.
The measurable distance as well
as operation during inclement
weather – fog, snow or rain is
unaffected. The device is also
equipped with a presence sensor
and the ability to charge the
battery directly in the binocular.

Resolution: 640 х 512
Pixel Pitch: 17µ
Spectral Range: 7,5-13,5 µm
Sensitivity: <30mK

Lens: 75mm
Relative aperture: F/1.0
Field of view: 8,3° x 6.4°
Focus range: 8m ÷ ∞
Eye relief: 25 mm
Dioptric adjustment: -6 ÷ +2

Refreshing: 9-25 Hz (PAL) 8-30 Hz (NTSC)
Video-output: PAL or NTSС, programmable
Display, resolution: AMOLED, 800 x 600
Interface type: USB

Operating parameters
Start-up time: 2s
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +55°C
Operating time rechargeables/batteries: 8 / 10 h
Measurable Distance: 1500m
Dimensions: 190x146x90mm
Weight with batteries: 1.2kg

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